We have amazing people at Swale Weather Watch who take some high quality photography and are passionate about what they do. They take their photography seriously just like many of you out there who like taking photos too. Are you a photographer? Do you like taking pictures? Take your work to the next level and share with the community and the world. You can choose to keep your images protected from stock photography or keep it in the public domain which means anyone can use your photos you take. Just select the license type when you upload your images. We currently allow 20 images to be uploaded per day which will be no more than 6MB per file. When you register on our website you will get your own photography profile where others can check you out and see what you have captured. All other pictures are welcome too. In the future we hope to hold competitions for best photos. You can gain likes on your photos with real-time database count and much more. We hope you enjoy your free Swale Weather Watch membership. If you have any questions feel free to contact us directly on Facebook or Twitter or email support@swaleweather.com. Have fun see you around.